About Me

Hello there! 

My name is Anyanwu Banabas. I am a graduate of Biochemistry from Lagos state university. 

I am a Nigerian from...

Okay, enough of the boring stuff, let's talk about what you are really here for...

I am a rounded digital marketer and I currently own a startup digital marketing agency called, Digital Genie.

My experience in the digital space spans a 5-year period. In most of this time my key competence areas have been;

Content Writing, Social Media Management, SEO/SEM, Persuasive Copywriting (I'm the only copytent writer you have met...yeah that's a word I coined to describe my unique ability in this space), Advanced Analytics, Content Marketing, Creative Design.

I have not done an excellent job of keeping a record of every single thing I have done all these years but these summaried few will leave you in no doubt about my capabilities and potential in the digital space.

Feel free to check out my attached social Media links for a more human face to these skills.

I didn't video or snap myself running SEO on a website or any of the other nonmaterial technical stuff.

I will be glad to engage you in a deep discussion about them if it will please you.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have something I can do for you. Use the social links to check for my availability for your project.


Let's talk about your project. Contact me right now!